Tlaw - Réseau d'avocats

TLAW is a network of independent lawyers located in Paris, Lyon, Grenoble and Montpellier

Created in 2019, it brings together independent lawyers who are willing to work together in a collaborative manner to allow their clients to benefit from the skills of each of its members

Our Lawyers


Sophie Adriaens
Lawyer at the Grenoble Bar

Sophie advises companies and their management to start and expand their business. She assist and advise shareholders and managers to protect them at every stage of their professional and personal lives

Banking & Finance
Consumer Law

Amaël Beauvallet
Lawyer at the Montpellier Bar

Amaël advises his clients in their financing operations, particularly in renewable energy projects. He acts in civil and criminal litigation in the field of banking and consumer law.

Criminal Law

Sabrina Szkolnik
Lawyer at the Paris Bar

Sabrina defends and represents our clients in criminal law and economic criminal law. She has developed an expertise in consumer criminal law, environmental criminal law and cybercrime

Environmental Law & Ecological Transition

Antoine de Lombardon
Lawyer at the Paris Bar

Antoine knows the issues and problems of environmental protection and does everything he can to help our clients to meet the challenges of ecological transition

Labour Law

Mathilde Cena
Lawyer at the Bar in Lyon

Mathilde assists company directors with all the social legislation problems that they may encounter in their dealings with their salaried employees, with a view to enabling them to manage their workforce with due respect for their obligations, while safeguarding their own best interests.

Mountain Law

Antoine Boyrie
Lawyer at the Grenoble Bar

Antoine is a lawyer and a professional mountain guide and knows perfectly the rules and regulations applicable to the mountain environment

Our Values


We believe in the power of law to:

  • Innovate and create a dignified economic environment for individuals and their organizations
  • Think and build the world of tomorrow which must be more egalitarian, open and responsible


We bring to our clients our legal expertise and know-how, thanks to simple, fast and 100% dematerialized communication tools, whether in French or in English



We want to help our clients make the right decisions at crucial moments. We want to put the law at the service of their projects, by offering them legal tools and solutions that allow them to build, develop and flourish in a sustainable and responsible manner


COVID-19, anticipation of contract non-performance and defense for risk of non-performance

April 3, 2020 The measures taken in France to control the Covid-19 outbreak have resulted in the cessation of many production and distribution activities. Business is at least severely slowed